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When it comes to sharing any words of wisdom to incoming students at Full Sail, Mike's advice is clear. "Definately go beyond the classroom. You need to go home and apply it to other things if you want to do this for a living. After all, I think that is why everybody is here." Mike Colby is certainly no underachiever. In the past 21 months, the Full Sail Digital Arts and Design student created and launched his own Enthused clothing line company, created a logo for a nationally aired television show, received the advance achievement award for his class upon graduating and his Nike ad won a Gold Award at the 2008 Orlando student ADDY ceremony. Mike was also responsible for coming up with the winning logo for the Full Sail DAD program's re-branding of the nationally-syndicated morning show The Daily Buzz. With so many honors and accomplishments under his belt prior to even finishing school, Mike is surprisingly down-to-earth about the whirlwind of a ride his Full Sail experience has been. 



May 20, 2008

           Rest In Peace


    9/14/1982 - 6/9/2014

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