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Michael Colby Art Scholarship (#131)
Due date:   April 26, 2018
1 award @ $2,000
This scholarship was established in the memory of the life of Michael Colby, a 2001 graduate of Newburyport High School. Michael attended Full Sail University and became an accomplished graphic designer, contributing to a variety of productions for HBO, Discovery Channel and Disney. He was a gifted musician, song writer and music producer and also co-founded the "Enthused" line of clothing.
This scholarship is available to a talented NHS graduating senior who is pursuing a field in the arts and has been accepted at a college of higher institute of learning. (Examples: music, art, producer, photography, videographer, fashion design, web design, graphic design. Please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Karahalis via email if you have any questions.)
       A. Complete attached application form.  (Click here).
       B. Answer the three questions listed below. Please type your response, and be sure to      
           include your contact information on the page(s).
                 1. Please describe your contributions to the Arts program at your school or in your
                 2. What sets you apart from the other artists in your chosen field(s)?
                 3. How does your work show innovative creativity?
                 4. What have learned about Michael Colby?
       C. Include a portfolio (any art at all is acceptable)
SUBMIT: Email completed application form, portfolio, and responses to the 4 questions to:
                     Stephanie Karahalis   
                           (Be sure to note "scholarship applicant" in the subject line
QUESTIONS:  Feel free to send questions to Stephanie at
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