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A Huge Success - 2014


With over 350 people in attendance, Saturday nights benefit held at the Elks Lodge in Newburyport, was anything but dull.  The Michael Colby Art Scholarship event far exceeded any and all expectations.  Following his death on June 9th, Michael’s friends and family instantaneously knew that they wanted to turn this tragedy into an inspiration for others.  Michael’s outstanding talent made it easy to choose a scholarship that would resonate with his passion and love for the arts.


Numerous auction items were donated by several reputable businesses and individuals, including; gift baskets, memorabilia items, sports gifts, paintings, jewelry, gift cards, and beautifully crafted hand -made items.  While there was plenty of music, dancing, and mingling, it was the camaraderie that shined through; everyone came to honor and acknowledge Michael, a young man whose incredible talent, kindness, and love for family and friends, far out-weighed his recent struggles.


After completing his bachelor degree in Motion Graphic Design at Full Sail University in Florida, Michael had the good fortune of working on cable networks such as; HBO, History Channel, 20/20, A&E, as well as popular shows like; True Blood, Inception, Avatar, and others.  He was also instrumental in creating several hip hop MTV videos.  


The Michael Colby Art Scholarship is available to seniors at Newburyport High School, Michael’s alma mater, who are interested in pursuing their studies in the fine arts in higher education. Applicants must submit a multimedia based artist's portfolio, a biographical essay, and must have received confirmation of acceptance to an accredited college or university. Financial need is not a requirement of the applicant.


Michael's family and friends hope to nurture future artistic visionaries whose talents and accomplishments reflect Michael's spirit. As long as his legacy is assisting and inspiring new artists his art will never fade.



By Brian and Gale Brunault (Michael’s mom)

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